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not just that but! female friendships! girls genuinely caring for each other and expressing that affection and being stronger for it!

i was thinking about this too. bo/kenzi are so important to me. lauren/bo are so important to me. i’m not there yet but i’m p certain tamsin/bo are going to be very important to me, too. i also appreciate that bo and kenzi never ever fight over boys.

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i think my fave thing about lost girl is not only that the main female protag is strong, but they made her good. like, they didn’t just take a male character script and flip the gender - they’ve made her genuinely good at heart. i can’t even articulate this feeling i get, but bo is truly one of the best female characters in media and i truly appreciate her existence. 

my fave part of tumblr is when people tell me i’ve rejected reality because i don’t care to hear about the history of french toast for the seventh time


why are ppl circulating a list of ~problematic~ shit jlaw has said….ppl are literal fucking garbage, i don’t care how much u hate a celebrity if they have their privacy violated like this u don’t start out saying “oh she’s sooo problematic but….” like no this doesn’t have anything 2 do w/ the shit she’s said and u don’t need to even bring it up as if some women are more deserving of a horrible privacy breech than others




The commodification of water makes me so upset. Like we literally NEED water to live yet we have to pay for it like ????

the fact that the CEO of nestle said water isn’t a human right is just fucking disgusting. 


They’d bottle all the oxygen in the air and sell it back to us if they could.