Before you believe Sam Pepper’s bullshit in this video, please take a look at all of his other videos and then try to tell me he respects women. This is not a social experiment, this is a misogynist who is trying to cover up his unforgettable, disgusting behavior.

InstaWhore Prank

How to Pick Up Girls with a Lasso

How To Steal Girlfriends

White Girls

How to Make Out with Strangers

How to get a Girlfriend EASY

This video should be titled Disgusting White Boy Gets Caught Harassing Women and Tries to Play it Off as a “Social Experiment” and Exploits His Friend’s Story of Abuse in Attempt to Distract People and Make Things About Men

what the fuck


it is honestly very hard not to be bitter towards someone who has a drug addiction that has ruined their own life, their child’s life, and their family’s lives. i understand that they deserve sympathy, but at what cost? how much should someone have to suffer and sacrifice in order to help someone else get better? how much time, money, and effort before you can walk away and say you’ve done all you can? you never get that time back. when is it finally ok to say enough is enough - you’re not going to get better, so now i have to focus on me? if nothing but resentment is left, how could you possibly expect to help someone? you know that good person you once knew is under there somewhere, but they’re not here now, and maybe they wont ever come back. 


trends that need to be destroyed: considering “proper representation” anything that “avoids stereotypes” while in the same breath vilifying all individuals who just so happen to fall into harmless stereotypes

if you care about a group, you care about e v e r y o n e in that group, whether they’re ~stereotypical~ or not. employing respectability politics and self-policing to pander to oppressors’ fragile sensibilities is a disgrace